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Saudi Arabia: Tax Exemptions Lure Companies’ Headquarters

  • 01 Jan 2024

Saudi Arabia recently announced a significant initiative that could have a major impact on the business environment in the region. On December 5, the Saudi Press Agency reported that the country had launched a 30-year tax relief program to attract companies interested in establishing their regional headquarters within its borders. The program, known as the “Regional Headquarters Attraction Program,” provides eligible companies with significant tax exemptions such as the waiver of corporate income tax and withholding tax.


The move made by Saudi Arabia is highly significant, as it is part of the country’s efforts to attract businesses to relocate their headquarters to strategic locations within the Kingdom. This initiative becomes even more critical with the approaching January 1, 2024, deadline, when Saudi Arabia plans to stop working with entities with regional headquarters in other countries, especially in the United Arab Emirates or Qatar.


Saudi officials have committed to adhering to this deadline. However, they have hinted at potential flexibility by considering exceptions for companies that lack viable alternatives should their regional headquarters be situated in other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


The backdrop to this groundbreaking tax incentive program is the escalating competition among GCC nations, notably Saudi Arabia, to attract investments and cutting-edge technology. Such initiatives are integral to broader economic reform and diversification agendas, as embodied by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.


By introducing these tax exemptions, Saudi Arabia seeks to strengthen its position as a business-friendly destination and to catalyze the realization of its ambitious economic vision. This bold move underscores the country’s determination to attract top-tier companies, foster innovation, and propel its economic transformation forward.


As Saudi Arabia and its GCC counterparts engage in this race for investment and technological prowess, the impact of such programs reverberates far beyond the business realm. They hold the potential to reshape regional dynamics, propel economic growth, and position the Middle East as a formidable player on the global stage.


In summary, Saudi Arabia’s recent announcement of tax exemptions for companies establishing their regional headquarters marks a pivotal moment in the region’s economic landscape. It signifies the country’s commitment to fostering a conducive business environment and sets the stage for a new era of competitiveness and growth in the Middle East.

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