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About Us

Mohammed Al Jarbou Law Firm in association with Boutros Younes Law Firm & Associates (Solicitors & Barristers) are dedicated to advise corporate and individual clients involved in a wide range of local and cross border transactions as well as in complex multi-jurisdictional disputes. We combine tenacity and hard work to help our clients get the success they deserve and keep what they’ve earned. In doing so, we have become trusted legal advisors to local, national and international businesses and individuals. J&Y Law Firm represents multinational, regional and national companies, financial institutions, state-owned entities, families and other privately held businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. Our goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations and to distinguish ourselves among competitors through our commitment to competency, integrity, cost-effective legal services and our dedication to success. Whatever your business challenges are, we have the breadth and depth of expertise to deliver solutions in full trust.

Our History

Al Jarbou & Younes Law Firm was founded in 1995 by Senior lawyers Mr. Mohammed Al Jarbou and Mr. Boutros Younes with over 30 years of experience. J&Y Law firm was established in Riyadh, the heart of the Middle East’s leading commercial and financial country. Our Law Firm has been providing legal guidance to both corporate and individual clients with an ultimate goal to achieve the clients’ objectives as efficient as possible. In 2015 J&Y opened its new office in Jeddah to be closer to its clients in the Western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

Mohammad Al Jarbou Law Firm is a full service firm dedicated to providing our local and international clients with the highest level of legal services which cover several aspects of the legal profession, along with providing them with innovative, effective and practical solutions while safeguarding our clients’ interests.

Developing long-term attorney client relationships has always been our hallmark, with relationships established upon mutual trust and respect. We strive every single day to pursue excellence and to maintain the market share dominance that our firm has achieved among all our competitors.

what we are expert at

Legal Practice Areas

Corporate & Commercial


Contracts Drafting

Insurance & Reinsurance Law


Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Mergers & Acquisitions

Construction & Real Estate

Corporate Governance Law

Islamic finance

Labour and Employment Law

Banking & Finance

Foreign Investment Licensing

Intellectual Property & Franchising

General & Complex Litigations

Immigration Law

Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Tax Law


Our Team



Founder & Managing Partner

Mohammed Al Jarbou is the Managing Partner of Al Jarbou & Younes Law Firm. He holds an LLB in General Law from Damascus University since 1964. He has served around 20 years as a Department Manager of Training & Scholarship Department in the Ministry of Interior in Riyadh; Followed by 7 years as a Branch Manager of the Saudi Hollandi Bank and 7 other years as a CEO of the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia. In 1995, Mohammed Al Jarbou with Boutros Younes established Al Jarbou & Younes Law Firm focusing on Corporate and Business law transactions where he is currently practicing as a full time Arbitrator.


Founder & Managing Partner

Boutros Youssef is the Managing Partner of Al Jarbou & Younes Law Firm. He holds an LLB in Private Law and an LLM in Business Law from the University of Picardie Jules Vernes in France. He became a member of the Beirut Bar Association since 1978. Mr. Boutros has practiced in the Lebanese jurisdiction as Barrister and Solicitor since 1978 trough his Law office in Lebanon (Younes Law Firm) and has extensive experience in KSA specifically in the private, civil and the commercial legislative field while managing the office of Al Turki Law Firm since 1987. Eight years later Mr. Boutros & Mohamad Al Jarbou founded the office of Al Jarbou & Younes over-reaching more than 2000 clients and 30 years of commercial and private law expertise.



Suliman is a Partner in Al Jarbou &  Younes Law Firm. He holds an LLB in Islamic Law from Imam University and an LLM in Business Law from Chapman University in California, USA. He was admitted to practice in KSA since 2015 and is currently a partner in Al Jarbou & Younes Law firm. Suliman has significant experience in litigation involving commercial and civil disputes. He is specialized in advising clients on all aspects related to Islamic “Sharia” Law and Islamic Finance. He is also involved in negotiation and drafting of commercial contracting and joint ventures.



Jad is a Partner at Al Jarbou & Younes Law Firm. He started his early years as a Financial Engineer holding a Masters degree in Mergers and Acquisition from the University of London where he worked in a Private Equity firm based in London. Five years later he was awarded an LLM in International Business Law from Bradford School of Law and has acquired in the past years a wide expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Corporate Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration under UNCITRAL, KSA and UAE Rules. He is currently a member of Dubai International Arbitration Center.


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